Tiny Cake Bakery

Our cupcakes are baked fresh for every order.


Carrot (pecan studded carrot cake w. Cream Cheese Frosting)
Bananas Foster (banana, brown sugar cake w. brown sugar frosting)
Meyer Lemon (tart lemon cake w. lemon curd filling & toasted meringue peaks)
Coconut (creamy coconut cake w. passion fruit lime frosting)
Strawberry (strawberry studded cake w. strawberry cream cheese frosting)
S’mores (graham cake with chocolate center w. toasted marshmallow peaks)
Mango (mango cake w. grapefruit mango frosting)
Chocolate Frangelico (chocolate cake with frangelico frosting)
Amaretti (moist almond cake, butter cream frosting & crunchy cookie topping)
Tiramisu (espresso cake w. Espresso mascarpone frosting, dusted with cocoa)
Rootbeer Float (rootbeer cake w. vanilla cream cheese frosting)
Ginger Bread (ginger spiced cake w. ginger cream cheese frosting)
Pina Colada (lime cakes cupcakes w. coconut frosting)
Honeybee (honey cakes w. honey almond frosting)
Vanilla Bean (Madagascar vanilla w. buttercream frosting)

Specialty Cupcakes:

Triple Citrus (lemon, lime & oran w. Citrus Glaze
Glazed Rose Cupcakes
Lemon Cupcakes with Lavender Glaze
Glazed Chai Cupcakes
Honey Tangerine w. Tangerine glaze
Earl Grey w. Citrus Glaze
Lemon Basil Blueberry w. lemon glaze
Devils Food (vahlrona chocolate w. chocolate ganache)
Chocolate Raspberry Truffle (chocolate cake w. chocolate raspberry frosting)
Mocha Cupcake (chocolate cake w. espresso frosting)
Red Velvet (authentic red velvet cake w. cream cheese frosting

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